Aerial Military Photography
by Kites and Balloons
1902 - 1915
War Ministries of the various European countires offer considerable budgets for the development of the kite. France, 1902, captain Saconney experiments with a kite system capable or carrying a camera that allowed to establish mapping.
Kite becomes the unexpected auxiliary of artillerist and topographer.
In November 1912, Saconney is named leader of laboratory of meteorology and aerial photography of Chalais-Meudon.

He is interested in the improvement of the winching operations.

Manual at first, the winches will become mechanical in 1911, based on motorized vehicles.

At mobilization time, there is only two kite sections. They merge with two rare sections of aerostation, set up the 30th and 39th Balloonist Company (Epinal et Belfort - France).

  On august 25th 1914, General Dubail creates in Epinal (Vosges, france) the Automobile section ot tethered balloon and kite. Captain Saconney is its leader.

The second company, the 30th, makes also aerial observations as well in balloons as in kites.

These companies benefit from the automobile winches of the kites.

Each automobile section is composed of 16 men, 12 kites and all the necessary materials to perform a rising.